What do the Parliamentarians calling for a corruption watchdog all have in common? None of them are in the major parties. The pollies fighting for you are all either Independents or from minor parties and there’s a good reason for that that will make you sick to your stomach.

The major parties all receive millions in donations from powerful lobby groups representing business interests.

The major parties care more about getting elected than they do about what’s best for ordinary Australians.

Because they need donor money so badly to fight each other, they wind up doing the bidding of those donors – even when that bidding harms the country.

People who think they’re sophisticated roll their eyes and say that lying and corrupt politicians are just part of life.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. If ordinary Australians start demanding better, and start choosing representatives who care about PEOPLE, not parties, then the country has a shot at getting back on track.

We’ve chosen a selection of news pieces that show what a difference an Independent can make.

From The Big Smoke – Crossbench MPs push for ICAC, 85% of us believe Canberra is corrupt

‘After the investigation in Crown Casino was dismissed, five crossbench MPs have renewed the push for a federal ICAC. A recent study suggests that the overwhelming majority of us believe that our politicians are corrupt.’


From The Age – Jacqui Lambie joins Andrew Wilkie in calling for parliamentary inquiry into Crown

‘Independent senator Jacqui Lambie has backed calls for a parliamentary inquiry into Crown Resorts in a new sign of pressure on the company after days of revelations about its flagship Melbourne casino and payments to a brothel owner and alleged money launderer.

Senator Lambie said she was not surprised at the revelations about government officials and the casino’s operations, declaring the affair was proof of the need for a federal commission to investigate corruption.’


From the Financial Review – Rex Patrick wants Cayman links disclosed

‘Senate powerbroker Rex Patrick said the Tax Office and financial regulators should disclose¬†how many Australian companies have links to the Cayman Islands, after the government said it did not keep data on firms connected to the notorious overseas tax haven.

The Centre Alliance’s key negotiator slammed Treasurer Josh Frydenberg over answers to questions on notice to the Senate about the number of Australian companies that are subsidiaries of firms based in the Carribean territory, a known destination for tax avoidance….’