If you or I broke the law, we’d expect to be charged and face court. But increasingly, there is one rule for us and another for our politicians.

Despite calls for a Federal anti-corruption body, both Liberal and Labor are pushing back against it hard.

They claim that it will be harder to govern if such a body existed but what does the evidence show?

It’s much more likely that major party opposition to an anti-corruption watchdog is because so many of them have so much to hide.

Listen to story of shocking corruption that enriches the government’s mates at the expense of the poor.
‘Unemployment in Australia is at its highest in 12 years. The Government’s solution is an innovative billion-dollar scheme called Jobs Services Australia. But the initiative is failing.

Now, a Four Corners investigation shows how the scheme is being manipulated and, at times, systematically exploited. Reporter Linton Besser reveals the corruption at the heart of the program aimed at helping some of this country’s most vulnerable people.’

Crown’s unsavoury business links: how Australia’s casino got tied up with criminals
‘When Zhou’s associates wanted visas to enter Australia, Crown would vouch for them to the federal government….
The answer may lie in a presentation given by former Turnbull government foreign affairs adviser John Garnaut. Garnaut was for two years the Australian government’s United Front expert, and he worked with ASIO on a still-classified project into the extent of Chinese government interference operations in Australia….

Christopher Pyne and Julie Bishop’s post-parliamentary jobs expose our inadequate governance
Read about how the rules don’t apply to these powerful people. They can use government secrets to catapult them into high paying jobs.